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WCS offers both the Center of Excellence and Center of Distinction certificate

The Center of Excellence / Distinction Certificates are awarded to skilled nursing facilities that meet the following criteria:

  • Average days to heal of less than 30 over a one-year period;
  • Full-time facility wound nurse who conducts rounds led by a WCS provider;
  • PT/OT department providing one or more adjuvant wound healing modalities;
  • Registered dietician on staff;
  • Quarterly review of wound healing outcome data; and
  • Facility acquired pressure ulcer rate at or less than state average during reporting period.

*All six criteria must be met to be eligible for the Center of Excellence Certificate.

*At least four out of six criteria must be met to be eligible for the Center of Distinction Certificate.

Apply to receive either the Center of Excellence or Center of Distinction Certification and be recognized by Wound Care Specialists, LLC

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