Who We Are

Wound Care Specialists is a physician-led, post-acute & long-term care medical practice that provides bedside wound management services with a team of specialty-trained, wound certified physicians and nurse practitioners.

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What We Do

Our collaborative wound care program focuses on prevention, early detection, and appropriate treatment of acute and chronic wounds. As a value-added partner in care, Wound Care Specialists is focused on aligning with the goals and objectives of each client facility and corporate partner we serve.

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Specific Wounds Treated Include:

Venous Ulcers • Pressure Ulcers • Arterial Ulcers • Necrotizing Infections • Surgical Postoperative Wounds • Burns • Diabetic Ulcers • Skin Tears • Deep Tissue Injury • Moisture-associated Skin Damage • Incontinence Associated Dermatitis • Infectious Wounds • Atypical Wounds • Traumatic Wounds • Compromised Skin Grafts and Flaps • Gangrene • Osteomyelitis

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